Business Consultancy

The successful organisation of an organisation requires know-how and structured procedures, in many cases subject to authority approval. With many years of experience in the areas compliance monitoring, safety & quality management we would like to support you in setup, restructuring or improving your organisation. We can also assist you throughout the approval processes and help you obtain a compliant management system in accordance with EASA / ICAO requirements.

Certification & Flight Test

Certification of new aircraft and parts is usually a complex task, requiring exceptional knowledge and skills. As consulting engineers, we'd like to support you in planning, execution and analysis of test flights and also provide flight test pilots for all cateogries / conditions of the applicable certification specifications (CS-23/25, CS-27/29).

Expert Opinion

Do you want to buy an aircraft or sell one? Do you need an impartial valuation, performed by a independent expert? In this case, we can help you! We have experience in the appraisal of business jets and helicopters and acted as partners in arbitral procedures and in court. Our services range from basic valuations, comprehensive appraisal of the aircraft to organisation and supervision of pre-buy inspections.

The Founders

Dieter Reisinger


Sandra Wechselberger


The Company

The DRW engineering office unites technical competency in the areas aviation, mechanical engineering and IT. Due to the extensive industry experience of our team, as experts, in management functions, in combination with legal knowledge and practical experience, we have successfully advised organisations of all kinds and sizes.

Our Vision

We want to solve your problems, tailored to your needs.

There is almost no organisational or technical problem which can't be solved by expert knowledge, vision and a good sense of what is appropriate. We love to help you conquer your challenges!

From small-scale to big player.

For every kind and size of business, there are procedures and regulations, tailored to the size and needs of the organisation. 'Off-the-shelf' solutions rarely fit any organisation. In many cases they lead to unconquerable hurdles and administrative barriers, which are self made.
We like to take time to analyse your needs thoroughly and to present solutions, tailored to your needs.